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Social Distancing

At the Real Apprenticeship Company, we're all now working from home in order to keep ourselves and our learners safe from COVID 19. No visits and no face-to-face assessments will be taking place for the time being.

Working from home

With the current lockdown, we are fast-tracking measures to provide a fully digital solution for training and assessment, building on the success of our online learner management system and virtual classrooms. We have been completing compliance paperwork via DocuSign, conducting reviews by phone and via Microsoft Teams, and exploring the options for observation using Adobe Connect via Pedagogo - a platform designed to allow assessments to be conducted without the need for an assessor to be physically present.

Social Distancing

Developing a remote training and assessment solution allows us to continue to support learners and employers during the lockdown, and the processes we develop as a result will continue to be beneficial once it has been lifted. A fully digital programme gives our learners, our employers and our staff more flexibility. It also allows us to overcome obstacles caused by snow, flooding, adverse road conditions or public transport issues, and helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

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