Learner Journey

At The Real Apprenticeship Company, 95% of our learners gain full-time employment during or on completion of their apprenticeship or traineeship programme. Our learner journey will assist you throughout your learning, from applying for an apprenticeship or training position all the way through to celebrating the completion of your programme.

Our learning journey begins the second you apply for a course through The Real Academy; https://ww.thereal.academy.  Eligible candidates will receive a phone interview and an invitation to attend an assessment centre with the employer. From here, successful candidates are offered either an apprenticeship or a traineeship position.

As being an apprentice or trainee is all about learning while you work, you will use specialist digital technology, accessible through a  tablet or mobile phone  to manage and record your assessments. While in the workplace, you will be supported by a workplace mentor and will also receive monthly visits from a learner manager. After each of these monthly visits, a three-way review will take place with you, your mentor and your learner manager.

Throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship, you will follow a structured programme which is broken down into bite-size modules and you will have an individual learning plan and progress report available at the touch of a button so you and your employer will know where you are on the learner journey at any time.

Before completing your apprenticeship or traineeship, you will review your  progression within the company and outside. Finally, you will receive certification and be invited to attend a celebration event within 25 days of completing your programme.

Our Learner Journey is proven to work, with 95% of our learners recommending The Real Apprenticeship Company to family or friends.