TRAC EPA Policies

Confidentiality Agreement

The Real Apprenticeship Company agreement not to use, nor disclose to any unauthorised person, any confidential information relating to or received from for any reason unless expressly authorised, or required by law. 

Conflict of Interest Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of The Real Apprenticeship Company Limited. The policy is designed to guide any of The Real Apprenticeship Company Limited’s stakeholders in handling potential conflicts of interest that may arise in relation to EPA. 

Data Protection Policy  

The Real Apprenticeship Company Ltd's commitment to compliance with all relevant UK and EU laws in respect of personal data.

Equality and Diversity Policy

The Real Apprenticeship Company Limited's commitment to ensuring that the principles of equality and diversity are reflected throughout our qualifications and other products and services. 

Malpractice Policy

This policy covers malpractice by candidates, centre staff or others involved in the provision and assessment of The Real Apprenticeship Company's end point assessments for apprenticeship standards.

Resit Policy

This policy outlines the regulations and processes to be followed should an apprentice fail any element of their end point assessment. The regulations have been agreed by employers to offer all apprentices the opportunity to prove their competence.

Special Arrangements Policy

The Real Apprenticeship Company Ltd recognises that end-point assessment is the criteria through which a learner demonstrates occupational competence. All those with the potential to achieve the standard must have the opportunity to undertake the end-point assessment.