An instructional video and guidelines for activating your account on Pedagogo.

If you there are multiple users signing up using the same computer, please ensure you clear your cache before you try to register, or use a Private, Incognito or similar window so that details are not cached, as there is a possibility that cached settings may carry across and interfere with the registration process.


Pedagogo uses facial recognition so you will need to add a passport-style photograph of yourself in .jpg, .jpeg or .png format so it knows who you are.  Photos uploaded from a mobile device will also work.  You can smile, wear glasses, dye your hair etc but should be fairly face-on to the camera.  (If the picture you use is taken from a weird angle, you will need to take any tests on the system at the same weird angle for the system to recognise you.  We also not recommend pulling for the same reason.)

You can also check over your personal details and change them if needed.  Changing details should be done after uploading the photo, as the photo upload may re-set the other details.