Through the development and piloting of successful and innovative training programmes, The Real Apprenticeship Company Ltd has been able to provide a truly employer responsive training offer linked to a range of pre-determined key performance indicators.

We understand that every business has different pressures and issues, which is why each learning offer through The Real Apprenticeship Company is created with the needs of the employer in mind. We also support employers to optimise effective public/private funding opportunities that add value to the overall learning experience while supporting the creation of a world class workforce whose actions and behaviours drive business excellence throughout the organisation.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding training solutions to support individuals, businesses and the community through a quality learning experience.

We recognise that organisations do not act, think or make decisions, people do. Our approach to training enables businesses to achieve operational excellence in customer experience and relationships which, in turn, will lead to improved sales, production and service excellence that provide measurable business improvements through change management.

We work alongside employers to create strategies and co-ordinate and implement change in an environment that encourages and rewards creativity and success.  Our training programmes are developed by seeking an understanding of all employers’ needs, sharing knowledge and building relationships with employers through providing a first class service. We work with learners to change behaviours and to develop individuals that are able to drive through effective business improvement.

Whilst each training programme is individual to an employer The Real Apprenticeship Company recognises that a range of core principles underpinned by bespoke key performance measures are critical to successful delivery.

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