~ Sophia Heath ~

"Throughout this scheme I was supported by members of my team throughout the whole Kickstart. I have gained confidence and communication aswell as achieving a new set of IT skills allowing me to gain experience in a role where I am building my knowledge, independence and learning something new everyday."

Movement to Work


The Real Apprenticeship Company launched its Movement to Work Strategy in 2013 and since then we have assisted employers to fill job vacancies from people who are registered as unemployed and university, college, and school leavers. We have placed over 5,000 adults of all ages to enter the workplace and secure permanent employment opportunities.


During the last year we have been working with DWP and employers, as a Kickstart gateway provider to develop and offer 6 month work placements to young people leading to real jobs. Through the Kickstart Programme we have placed over 870 young people into placements and nearly 300 employers secure new talent to support business growth.


We are keen to expand our Movement to Work Service across England, Scotland and Wales and building on the success of the Kickstart Programme are now supporting employers to engage with more candidates to fill job vacancies. Working with DWP, The Real Apprenticeship Company is helping to support the rollout of the Government campaign to match unemployed individuals with employers who have vacancies. The Way to Work Campaign is seeking to match 500,000 people against 500,000 current vacancies.  


Through our successful partnership with employers and DWP we are looking to help employers and people looking for work to fill the record number of vacancies available in the jobs market, to support the recovery of the UK economy.


Feedback from Employers we supported to participate in the Kickstart Programme recognised that they had never considered working with DWP to fill their vacancies and many have changed their recruitment policies to continue using DWP and their local job centres to access new staff. Employers found through the Kickstart programme that there were talented and work-ready people eager to take on your roles. Kickstart was open to young people aged 18-24, imagine the number of talented people waiting to hear about your job vacancy through the Way to Work Programme that is open to all individuals claiming Universal Credit.

How can The Real Apprenticeship Company Support You?

We have a comprehensive support package to enable employers to successfully onboard new talent through the Way to Work Programme. Our dedicated team of account managers offer the following services:


  1. Assistance in the design of the recruitment process that attracts:

  • Candidates with the correct skills or potential.

  • Communicates a clear message to the local job centre advisor as to the type of candidate that you require

  • Establish a proactive link to a designated job advisor

  • Complete initial eligibility checks and first interviews that provide a list of candidates to meet your needs. 

   2. Develop a try “before you buy” work trial package.

   3. Provide a comprehensive fully funded 30-hour onboarding training package to enable the successful candidate to hit the ground               running.

The advantages our comprehensive recruitment package (based on over 10 years of working with government agencies and employers) ensures that we can provide each employer with:


  1. The opportunity to be introduced to people looking for work through a variety of platforms, including arranging recruitment days and other events.

  2. Simplifying and shortening the recruitment process, through undertaking eligibility checks and first interviews so we can put forward better matched candidates for final selection.

  3. Working with DWP to set up work trials to give you the opportunity to see what potential recruits have to offer.

  4. Additional Movement to Work Opportunities including traineeships and apprenticeships.

  5. Training opportunities within our sector-based work academy programmes


If you’re looking to fill a vacancy through our Movement to Work Programme,

please contact us for advice at info@thereal.company.

It’s your call.