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Kickstart Supports International Trade

The Real Apprenticeship Company in partnership with Pedagogo and DWP has created an opportunity to support food and drink importers and exporters to acquire a talented international trade assistant to support customs documentation at a cost neutral solution. Using the Kickstart initiative we have developed a new role to enable companies to respond to the trading changes as a result of the UK's departure from the European Union. The Real Apprenticeship Company has established a pilot programme that enables food and drink companies in England Scotland and Wales to access a young person who has been trained in the compliance requirements to enable the successful completion of import and export documentation. Using Kickstart the young person is available for 6 months for 25 hours per week and fully funded by the government as part of the build back better Britain campaign.


 The pilot will secure 100 new International Trade Assistants as part of a larger capacity building project to support international trade. The pilot project is a result of an effective partnership and includes Pedagogo as the training partner and the Food and Drink Federation as the voice of the food and drink sector. In addition to a comprehensive training programme to up-skill the International trade Assistants The real Apprenticeship Company will appoint a dedicated mentor from the supply chain sector to support each company and its kickstart International Trade Assistant. 

International Trade Agency


The Real Apprenticeship Company acknowledges that some organisations are seeking grow in house expertise to address their import and export issues. Working with Pedagogo’s recruitment and staff agency The Real Apprenticeship Company is able to provide international trade assistant trained to complete the import and export documentation relevant to the goods being traded by the organisation. 

How does this work in practice?

The Kickstart international pilot is available to all businesses irrespective of size i.e. SME, micros and large businesses based in England, Scotland and Wales.


We have launched the Kickstart international pilot to provide businesses with the placement of an International Trade Assistant.

Prior to commencement of the placement individuals will receive a 30 hour comprehensive training programme from Pedagogo that will enable them to be able to administer customs documentation for import and or export. The training programme will include focusing on the products that are being exported or imported by the member. Employers will be able to decide whether they wish the individual to manage all customs documentation or to provide the necessary information to a third-party customs agency.

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